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Regional strategic planning and Regional Round Table


Strategic planning has been a hallmark of the Coaticook MRC's culture for nearly thirty years. Every five years, our region has held a special event to allow each of its local sectors to reflect on the future and to improve the quality of life of our region's citezens.


What exactly is a strategic plan?


A strategic plan is best understood as a road map that helps define a vision of medium-and long term development. Much more than basic planning, this requires a consideration of the local environment, some deep thinking about future, and a choice of gold-attainment strategies guided by a commom vision that all stakehoders wish to achieve.


As with the previous strategic planning process, the region has sought to identify strategies focused on the key principles of sustanaible development, so as to establish initiatives that will improve the quality of life, living environment, and living standard of Coaticook's citizens. Another important consideration was to continue intergeneration and inter-sectoral cooperation, with the aim of encouraging greater-than-ever participation by our citizens.


The ultimate intent is to combine the efforts of all stakeholders in order to nurtune a wonderful thriving, and sustainable community.

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